If you think you're pregnant and
want assistance with what you're facing, we can help.

Life Choices Needs Your Help!

We are able to provide these essential services free of charge with people like you who support them, but the work isn’t over. We still need to help women who are scared and alone in the world. To help them out find out ways to get get involved!

“This place was an absolute blessing! I found so much support here from the instructor and the other ladies in the class. So much valuable knowledge, and useful items to earn for attending! A very relaxed environment as well. This center is run by the most kind hearted women I know and I would most certainly recommend any parent to see what Life Choices can do for them.”

- Ashley

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*Life Choices is not an abortion provider and does not refer for abortion either. We exist to help you make the best decision for your life by providing resources such as pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and other material assistance. We have no financial gain from your decision.