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Guidelines for donating goods.

What we need.

  • Moms always need wipes. They go through a lot of them!
  • The Moms would find gas cards helpful for transporting their kids, and in order to be mobile.
  • Gift cards to fast food restaurants, so that mentors can have lunch with individual young Moms, and spend
    one-on-one personal time with them.
  • Baby food and aspirin cannot be expired, and cannot be open. They need to still be factory sealed.
  • Car seats and baby cribs need to be brand new. By law we are not allowed to distribute used ones.
  • Baby clothes need to be very gently used or nearly new. With no stains or visible wear.
  • Baby furniture need to be in excellent condition, and also very gently used.
  • Our medical-supply needs have grown exponentially with the use of the ultrasound. We need donations to help us with costs for medical supplies.
  • This year we started a post-abortive healing program and classes. We
    need donations for more training and make the curriculum available to clients.
  • We are updating our hardware/technology, to meet the standards required for medical use.
  • Donations toward this cause would be welcome.

What we don’t need at this time:

  • We have enough strollers, high chairs and bouncy seats at this time.
  • We have sufficient baby blankets.
  • We have a sufficient supply of baby hats.
  • We have an adequate supply of baby bibs.

If you are mailing in a donation:

Life Choices Inc.  
324 N Pine Street 
Burlington WI, 53105 

Please remember to provide your

email address and phone number

and you will receive a statement of your donation at the end of the year.